In a manifesto of that title published in transition 16/17 (1929) he laid down his dogma:

1. The Revolution in the English Language is an accomplished fact.

2. The imagination in search of a fabulous world is autonomous
and unconfined.

3. Pure poetry is a lyrical absolute that seeks an a priori reality
within ourselves alone.

4. Narrative is not mere anecdote, but the projection of a metamorphosis of reality.

5. The expression of these concepts can be achieved only through
the rhythmic “hallucination of words.”

6. The literary creator has the right to disintegrate the primal matter of words imposed on him by text-books and dictionaries.

7. He has the right to use words of his own fashioning and to disregard existing grammatical and syntactical laws

 8. The “litany of words” is admitted as an independent unit.

9. We are not concerned with the propagation of sociological
ideas, except to emancipate the creative elements from the present

10. Time is a tyranny to be abolished.

11. The writer expresses. He does not communicate.

12. The plain reader be damned.


By Velu

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