a table explaining the 12 tenses in English, along with examples and the auxiliary verbs or verb forms needed for each tense:

TenseExample SentenceAuxiliary Verb/Verb Form
Simple PresentI play tennis.None (base form of the verb)
Simple PastShe walked to the park.Did + base form of the verb
Simple FutureThey will arrive tomorrow.Will + base form of the verb
Present ContinuousWe are studying for the exam.Am/Are/Is + present participle
Past ContinuousHe was reading a book.Was/Were + present participle
Future ContinuousThey will be watching a movie.Will be + present participle
Present PerfectShe has seen that movie before.Have/Has + past participle
Past PerfectWe had already eaten dinner.Had + past participle
Future PerfectBy next week, I will have finished my work.Will have + past participle
Present Perfect ContinuousThey have been playing soccer.Have/Has been + present participle
Past Perfect ContinuousHe had been studying all night.Had been + present participle
Future Perfect ContinuousShe will have been working for 8 hours.Will have been + present participle

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