adenectomy (ad-en-ek-tuh-mee)

adenitis (ad-uh-nahy-tis)

adenoma (ad-uh-noh-muh)

arthroplasty (ahr-throh-plas-tee)

arthrotomy (ahr-throt-uh-mee)

carcinoma (kahr-suh-noh-muh)

cephalic (suh-fal-ik)

cephalalgia (sef-uh-lal-jee-uh)

chondritis (kon-drahy-tis)

colostomy (kuh-los-tuh-mee)

dentalgia (den-tal-jee-uh)

encephalitis (en-sef-uh-lahy-tis)

encephalocele (en-sef-uh-loh-seel)

encephaloma (en-sef-uh-loh-muh)

endosteoma (en-dos-tee-oh-muh)

exogenous (ek-soj-uh-nuhs)

histology (his-tol-uh-jee)

hyperemesis (hahy-per-em-uh-sis)

hypertrophy (hahy-per-truh-fee)

hypodermic (hahy-puh-dur-mik)

laryngitis (lah-ring-jahy-tis)

lipoid (lip-oid)

lipoma (lih-poh-muh)

morphology (mawr-fuh-loh-jee)

mucoid (myoo-koid)

oncology (on-kol-uh-jee)

osteitis (os-tee-ahy-tis)

osteomalacia (os-tee-oh-muh-lay-shuh)

pathologist (puh-thol-uh-jist)

thyroidectomy (thahy-roy-dek-tuh-mee)

tracheotomy (tray-kee-ot-uh-mee)

  1. adenectomy: Surgical removal of a gland, particularly the adenoids or a lymph node
  2. adenitis: Inflammation of a gland, typically a lymph node.
  3. adenoma: A benign tumor that arises from glandular tissue.
  4. arthroplasty: Surgical reconstruction or replacement of a joint.
  5. arthrotomy: Surgical incision into a joint.
  6. carcinoma: A malignant tumor that originates in epithelial tissue.
  7. cephalic: Relating to the head.
  8. cephalalgia: A headache or pain in the head.
  9. chondritis: Inflammation of cartilage.
  10. colostomy: Surgical creation of an artificial opening (stoma) in the colon to divert the flow of feces.
  11. dentalgia: Toothache or pain in a tooth.
  12. encephalitis: Inflammation of the brain.
  13. encephalocele: Protrusion or herniation of brain tissue through a defect in the skull.
  14. encephaloma: A tumor or mass in the brain.
  15. endosteoma: A benign tumor that originates from the endosteum, the membrane lining the inner surface of bones.
  16. exogenous: Originating from outside the body or externally.
  17. histology: The study of the microscopic structure of tissues and cells.
  18. hyperemesis: Severe and excessive vomiting during pregnancy.
  19. hypertrophy: Enlargement or overgrowth of an organ or tissue.
  20. hypodermic: Relating to the area beneath the skin; also refers to a syringe or needle used for injection beneath the skin.
  21. laryngitis: Inflammation of the larynx or voice box, causing hoarseness or loss of voice.
  22. lipoid: Resembling or containing lipids (fats).
  23. lipoma: A benign tumor composed of fat cells.
  24. morphology: The study of the form, structure, and configuration of organisms or their parts.
  25. mucoid: Resembling mucus in appearance or consistency.
  26. oncology: The branch of medicine focused on the study and treatment of cancer.
  27. osteitis: Inflammation of bone.
  28. osteomalacia: Softening of bones, usually due to a deficiency of vitamin D or calcium.
  29. pathologist: A physician specialized in the diagnosis of diseases by examining tissues and cells under a microscope.
  30. thyroidectomy: Surgical removal of the thyroid gland.
  31. tracheotomy: Surgical procedure that involves creating an opening (stoma) in the trachea to establish an airway.

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