a) A planet in Deepta state gives the following effects. The subject will be valorous and will conquer the band of his enemies. He will be blessed with wealth and will play with ruttish elephants like a king.

<c) One with a planet in Svastha state will have precious stones, grains and family. He will be an army chief and will destroy his foes.

(d) With a planet in Harshita state, he will have gold and women and will subdue his enemies.

(e) He will be endowed with happiness, wealth, pleasure, duty and intelligence with a planet in Santa state.

(f) A planet in Sakta state will make the subject develop liking for robea, flowers and women.

(g) A planet in Deena state will cause loss of money and thrust poverty.

(h) Aplanet in Vikala state will deprive the subject of place, destroy wealth and will cause fear from enemies.

(i) Trouble from diseases and much grief is caused by a planet in Peedita state.

(j) One will be in grief, will lose wealth, be devoid of wife and will wander in distant places even without any allies if a planet is in Khala state.

By Velu

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