Once upon a time and a very good time it was there was a moocow coming
down along the road and this moocow that was coming down along the road
met a nicens little boy named baby tuckoo…

His father told him that story: his father looked at him through a glass: he
had a hairy face.

He was baby tuckoo. The moocow came down the road where Betty Byrne
lived: she sold lemon platt.

O, the wild rose blossoms
On the little green place.

                                                                                       He sang that song. That was his song.

O, the green wothe botheth.

When you wet the bed first it is warm then it gets cold. His mother put on the
oilsheet. That had the queer smell.

His mother had a nicer smell than his father. She played on the piano the
sailor’s hornpipe for him to dance. He danced:

10 similar words of:

  1. dance: (v) caper, bop, to dance, cavort, play, skip, to show courage, step; (n, v) hop, jump, shake.
  2. hairy: (adj) hirsute, bushy, dangerous, downy, woolly, bristly, fleecy, rough, fuzzy, shaggy, fluffy. ANTONYMS: (adj) hairless, safe, tidy, sleek.
  3. hornpipe: (n) bolero, stockhorn, rigadoon, saraband, folk dancing, pibgorn, folk dance, reel.
  4. lemon: (n) lemon yellow, gamboge, citrus Limon, automobile, citron, sapidity, yellowness, tang, corn, crumb, clunker.
  5. named: (adj, v) called; (adj) nominative, nominal, chosen, appointed, nominated, designated, titled, specified; (v) benempt, ycleped.
  6. piano: (adj) soft, gentle, indulgent, lax; (n) grand piano, pianissimo, softness, upright piano, mechanical piano; (adv) quietly, gently.
  7. platt: (n) hold, hut, implant, lodge.
  8. queer: (adj) fantastic, odd, eccentric, funny, curious, gay, peculiar, strange, quaint, fishy, outlandish. ANTONYMS: (adj) conventional, normal, well.
  9. sang: (n) panax quinquefolius, sing, herb, herbaceous plant.
  10. smell: (n, v) odor, scent, savor, perfume, stink, stench; (v) nose; (n) fragrance, bouquet, savour, odour.
  11. sold: (adj) depleted, interested; (v) to market.

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