5 useful ayurvedic remedy for diabetic

  1. The extract of Tinospora cordifolia (Giloy) is a highly beneficial remedy for diabetes. A mixture of 20 grams of the extract and 45 grams of fresh cow’s ghee is given twice a day on an empty stomach.
  2. The bark of the Banyan Tree (Vata) is a specific treatment for diabetes. It can be taken as an infusion (one part in 10 parts of water) or in the form of powder in doses of 90 to 180 grams.
  3. Ficus racemosa (Gular) has similar properties to the Banyan Tree. Various parts of the tree are used, including: i) ripe figs, ii) seeds mixed with honey, iii) bark in the form of an infusion or powder, iv) juice from the stem and roots, and v) leaves. The swaras (juice) of the bark can be used, but the standard leaf preparation, Udumbar Patrasar, is more effective.
  4. The powder of dried tender mango leaves or their ash is beneficial in diabetes.
  5. The tender flowers of the Plantain Tree (Banana Tree) can be consumed as a pot herb.

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