Drugs that promote the secretion of the mammary glands
1.To increase the secretion of milk the poultice made of 
one of the following drags is applied over the breasts of a mother 

a) The fresh tubercles of the Nut Grass (nagarmusta); 
a hot poultice is applied, 

b) The flours of wheat, barley and mustard mixed together, 

c) Long pepper  and Coleus aromaticus (pashan bheda); 

d) The leaves of MomOrdica charantia (kareila).
2.The gruel made of fenugreek seeds is regularly given to a nursing mother to increase the flow of milk.
3.The fresh leaves of the Castor Oil Plant applied hot on the breasts act as a                 
galactagogue, the hot leaves are applied in layers

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