Canadian communities need health professionals. One of the important fields in Canada’s labor force that is experiencing unheard-of shortages is the health sector. Last month, Minister Fraser announced updates to Express Entry, Canada’s premier economic immigration program, in an effort to address this difficulty. The Canadian government can now provide invitations to applicants from specified fields or with particular qualifications, training, or language proficiency to apply for permanent residency in Canada.

The Honourable JeanYvesDuclos, Minister of Health, and the Honourable Sean Fraser, Minister of Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship, announced today that a special round of invitations to health professionals, such as physicians, nurses, dentists, pharmacists, physiotherapists, and optometrists, will be sent using these new features. 500 healthcare professionals are invited to apply in the first phase of category-based selection, which begins today. On July 5, 1,500 workers will be invited to apply in a second round. This staged strategy will guarantee the program’s successful launch.

This action will help increase access to health care services for Canadians and their families by concentrating on applicants with experience in the field and by bringing in the talent the nation needs. The first category-based selection rounds also promote Canada’s resolve to welcome qualified workers and professionals into communities all around the nation. These category-based selection rounds will continue throughout the year in addition to general invitation rounds, and additional information will continue to be released in the following weeks.

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