If you’re looking to make your first few hundred dollars in affiliate marketing commissions fast, this video is for you. I am so excited to show you this method because the title kind of seems like ClickBank, but it’s very real, and I’m actually doing this method myself, and it’s working. Anyone can do what I’m about to show you in this video, no matter how new you are to affiliate marketing or even how new you are to the internet. And your first commission could literally happen tonight while you’re sleeping if you set this up during the video.

Let’s hop on here and look at a few results. You can see right here this is an affiliate program that we’ve just started doing this with a few weeks ago. You can see from March 1st to March 14th, it’s getting quite a bit of clicks and traffic. As we scroll down, you can see I got about 836 clicks, about 800 in sales, and made about $380, which adds up to almost 50 cents per click. And the best part is this hasn’t even started scaling yet, and we’re starting to do this with multiple affiliate programs. So this can grow very, very quickly.

To get an idea of how this method works and, really importantly, why this method works, let’s look at a few really important statistics for Google. You can see right here Google gets almost 3.5 billion searches every single day. Now, the real important number that we want to look at, though, is this one right here where it says 16 to 20 percent of all annual Google search results are new. That means that almost one in every five things that someone is typing into Google is something that has never ever been typed in before. So that means that a lot of people don’t even know that this is getting typed in, and this is the kind of stuff that we’re going to be targeting in this video.

Now, most of us know that out of these 3.5 billion Google searches, a majority are taken up by the big guys, whether it’s organic or whether it’s paid ads. The big guys are kind of dominating the main searches. Anything that has thousands of searches every single month or tens of thousands of searches every single month typically has a big business or a big advertiser coming in and trying to take that spot. But what I’m going to be showing you how to do here is to take the stuff that people are searching in Google that no one else cares about and most people don’t even know about, how we’re going to turn those keywords into cash-generating machines that pump out commissions every single day.

Now, to start, we’re going to need a tool called Ahrefs. I actually promoted this in my last video and told people that you could get a seven-dollar trial, and then within a few hours, the trial was gone. There was no longer a trial that you could get of Ahrefs. So Ahrefs is typically $97 a month, and without a free trial, that means you would have to spend $97 to do all the research that I’m going to show you. But it only requires one research session. But I actually found some Fiverr gigs in the meantime, so you can go to Fiverr.com and type in “Ahrefs research,” and you can see people for five or ten dollars will do this research for you because we only need to do it one time.

When using Ahrefs, the first tool we’ll need is the Keyword Explorer. This tool helps us understand what people are searching for on the internet. We want to target two different types of people: those looking to make a purchase and those seeking a solution to a problem. The first type is interested in buying something but needs help deciding what to buy. The second type has a major problem and is willing to pay for a solution if they believe it exists.

To start, we focus on the people looking for solutions, which usually involves using the word “how.” By searching for “how to” keywords, we can see what people are searching for. Refining the results is essential, so we utilize various filters. First, we set the global volume filter to over 300 searches per month, as lower volumes may not be worth pursuing. Next, we exclude top and bottom ads in the SERP features to find opportunities that are not heavily targeted by advertisers. We also filter by cost per click, aiming for values below 0.4 to identify less competitive keywords.

While scrolling through the results, we come across keywords like “how to get rid of gnats” and “how to crochet.” These keywords indicate people with problems or interests that may require purchasing a solution or a course. It’s crucial to ignore irrelevant or disturbing search terms during this process.

We can apply the same method to target people looking for the “best” of something. By searching for “best X for Y” keywords, we can find potential opportunities. Again, we filter out top and bottom ads and set the cost per click filter below 0.3 to identify less competitive keywords. The results include keywords like “best perfume” and “best sewing machine for beginners,” which indicate people ready to make significant purchases.

Once we have a list of targeted keywords, we need to find suitable affiliate programs to match them with. For example, for the keyword “how to crochet,” we can search for crocheting courses with affiliate programs. Skillshare and Udemy are popular platforms that offer crocheting courses, and we can join their affiliate programs to earn commissions.

To drive traffic to our affiliate offers, we create landing pages tailored to the specific type of searcher. For “best X for Y” searchers, we create a page showcasing the top recommendations with affiliate links. For “how-to” searchers, we create a page that provides helpful content and includes a call-to-action to purchase the recommended course.

Once the landing pages are set up, we can create ads using Google Ads to target relevant keywords. It’s advantageous to take advantage of any available vouchers or promotional offers to minimize costs during the initial testing phase. With careful monitoring and optimization, we can aim to make profitable campaigns using this method.


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