• The medical term for loss of appetite is anorexia 
  • With medical care, a person may be kept alive for many years in a deep coma (persistent vegetative state) provided the brainstem is still functioning. Complete irreversible loss of brainstem function leads to brain death
  • Drugs for medical use are either licensed for prescription by a doctor only or can be bought over the counter at a chemist’s or supermarket. 
  • Analgesic drugs can provide temporary relief, but severe or persistent facial pain requires medical attention. 
  • Medical attention should be sought for prolonged unconsciousness or repeated attacks of fainting. 
  • A medicinal drug marketed under its official medical name rather than under a patented brand name is known as generic drug .
  • Medical guidance offered to prospective parents based on an assessment of the probability that a future child would be affected by a genet- ic disorder .
  • The medical speciality concerned with the female reproductive tract is called gynaecology .
  • With medical care, a person may be kept alive for many years in a deep coma  provided the brainstem is still functioning. 
  • In medical practice, abortion is induced using prostaglandin drugs, often given as vaginal pessaries. 
  • Paraquat poisoning requires urgent medical attention. 

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