The opposite of “income” is “expense” or “expenditure.” Here are the antonyms, along with their meanings and example sentences:

  1. Expense: The amount of money spent or required for a particular purpose. Example sentence: “My monthly expenses exceed my income, so I need to find ways to reduce costs.”
  2. Expenditure: The action of spending funds or the total amount of money spent. Example sentence: “The company’s expenditure on marketing campaigns increased significantly last year.”
  3. Outflow: The act or process of flowing out; the movement of money out of an account or organization. Example sentence: “The outflow of cash from the business has been steadily increasing.”
  4. Loss: The state of experiencing a reduction in value, amount, or quality, resulting in a negative financial outcome. Example sentence: “The company recorded a substantial loss due to declining sales.”
  5. Debit: An entry recording an amount owed, or an expense, on the left side of an account. Example sentence: “I need to track my debits and credits to maintain accurate financial records.”
  6. Liability: A financial obligation or debt. Example sentence: “The outstanding loans represent a significant liability for the company.”
  7. Withdrawal: The act of taking money out of an account or reducing funds available. Example sentence: “I made a withdrawal from my savings account to cover unexpected expenses.”

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