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Physical and Mental Properties of the Six Tastes


Physical: Strengthens tissues, good for complexion, hair, throat, sense organs, ojas, children, and the elderly. It heals broken bones, affects longevity, is an emollient, expectorant, and a mild laxative. Sweet tastes build the body, increase breast milk, and are difficult to digest.

Mental: Provides contentment and is harmonizing.

In Excess: Causes overweight, indigestion, diabetes, fainting, enlarged glands, and cancer.


Physical: Clears channels and pores, improves digestion, produces sweat, enhances taste, penetrates tissues, causes lacerations, and bursting of tissues and abscesses.

Mental: Sedative, calms nerves, stops anxiety.

In Excess: Increases blood, causes balding, gray hair, wrinkles, thirst, skin diseases, herpes, weakens body strength.


Physical: Good for the heart, digestion, relieves burning sensations, satiating, moistens, is easily digested, oily, dispels gas, nourishes, relieves thirst, aids circulation, aids all tissues except reproductive, maintains acidity.

Mental: Awakens the mind and senses.

In Excess: Languidness, loss of strength, blindness, giddiness, itching irritation, pallor, herpes, swellings, smallpox, thirst, fevers.


Physical: Heals throat diseases, allergic rashes, skin disorders, edema, ulcer swelling; dries oiliness, fat, and water; promotes hunger, taste, and digestion; eliminates dosha excesses, breaks up hard masses, expands body channels.

Mental: Opens the mind and senses.

In Excess: Causes thirst, fainting, tremors and pains, depletes reproductive fluid and strength.


Physical: Heals anorexia, parasites, thirst, skin disorders, fever, nausea, burning sensations, cleanses breast milk and throat, is easily digested, promotes intelligence, and is drying.

Mental: Clears the senses and emotions.

In Excess: Depletes tissues.


Physical: Cleanses blood, stops bleeding, sweat, diarrhea, heals ulcers, is drying, difficult to digest, causes indigestion, tightens tissues, heals prolapse.

In Excess: Causes gas, thirst, emaciation, loss of virility; obstructs channels, causes constipation and pain in the heart area, inhibits digestion.

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