What do you mean by folk medicine?

Folk medicine is any form of medical treatment that is based on popular tradition, such as the charming of warts or the use of copper bracelets to treat rheumatism. 

What are hallucinogenic drug?

hallucinogenic drug is a drug that causes hallucination. Hallucinogens include certain drugs of abuse, such as LSD, marijuana, mescaline, and psilocybin. Some prescription drugs, including anticholinergic drugs and levodopa, occasionally cause hallucinations. 

What is herbal medicine?

herbal medicine is a systems of medical treatment in which various parts of different plants are used to promote health and to treat symptoms.

What do you mean by radiology

Radiology is the medical speciality that makes use of X-rays, ultrasound, MRI, and radionuclide scanning for investigation, diagnosis, and treatment. Radiological methods provide images of the body in a noninvasive way so that exploratory surgery is not needed. The techniques also enable instruments (such as needles and catheters) to be accurately guided into different parts of the body for diagnosis and treatment. This is called interventional radiology. 

what do you mean by anaesthesia?

Anaesthesia is the absence of all sensation; insensibility. The term most commonly refers to anaesthesia that is induced artificially for medical purposes. Two types of anaesthesia are used: local and general.  
Damage to nerve tissues by injury or disease can produce anaesthesia in a localized area. 

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