Starting from May 30, 2023, a revision in the fee structure for U.S. visitor visas and other non-petition based NIVs has been announced.

Applicants will now be required to pay $185 instead of the previous $160 fee.

Similarly, petition-based visa categories including H, L, O, P, Q, and R will see an increase from $190 to $205.

As for E visa applications, the fee will rise from $205 to $315. It is important to note that individuals who have already submitted their application fee and possess a valid, non-expired receipt will not be subjected to any additional charges when scheduling an appointment.

Additionally, applicants who have already undergone an interview and are currently under administrative processing will also be exempt from paying any additional fees. The authorities assure that they remain dedicated to streamlining the visa processing system to facilitate international travelers visiting the United States. Visa application fees are calculated considering the expenses involved in delivering the service.

Further details on visa application procedures can be found on the official website of the U.S. Embassy in the Dominican Republic at, as well as on

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